online course for expecting moms

the yogic body birth programme

An online birthing + educational course that cheerleads your INNATE POWER on your path to meeting baby. In just one week's time, you will cover mindset shifts, manifestation practices, and prenatal yoga postures. Learn the chemical cascade associated with physiological birth, labor and delivery. Explore Yogic Body techniques for breath and mantra work as tools to work with your birthing experience - not against it.

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the yoga practices, breath work, mindset shifts that left me smiling giving birth

An Intimate look @ Birth


Let me introduce -

your birth programme fairy god mother


Your Humble Guide

Jess Palmer - Boss of Bliss @ YB


For you if You Are:

Newly pregnant, Making the voyage from maiden to mother

You are newly pregnant and can’t fathom how in the HELL a woman could possibly feel /excited/ to experience labor.

You want education, to shed light on what to expect.

Been there done that momma

You are a second, third, fourth time momma who had a disappointing (to say the least) first birthing experience and wonder what this “empowered labor and delivery” thang is these crunchy mom blogs are chattering about.

You want support, to reset expectations.

the future looks bright, pregnancy planner

You have plans to prepare your body and mind for a future pregnancy or conception journey. You are the ultimate prepare-er and want to get in the zone, like training for the marathon!, on your way to meeting future babe.

You want to take action, to set the stage for all that’s to come.

Modules + What You'll Learn:

01. Wisdom

  • Mindset shifts
  • Mental undoing
  • Reacquaint yourself with your innate ability to birth

02. Oxytocin

  • Hormones and chemical cascade that make physiological and empowered birthing possible
  • The way we promote physiological birth progression

03. movement

  • Preparing our body for the work of birth
  • Fighting fatigue
  • Preparing ourselves to feel physically capable
  • Postural yoga practices for pregnancy

04. Allowing

  • The power to achieve presence through The Yogic Body Birth techniques
  • Breath work
  • Mantras
  • Meditations with your baby

05. NO.

  • Setting boundaries for your body, your baby, and your birth, period
  • Preparing your partner or plan to support your and baby's big day

Blessing to CLose

"Programme introduction, 5 Modules, and Closing Blessing for you to complete on your time (or in just a week's time!) before this and future births."

xo yb

A note from YB Creator

My wish for you.

I am not a midwife, not a doula, not a physician, not a nurse. I am a yoga teacher who has put the practice of mind-over-matter meditation to work, stays informed by scientific theory, and has taught countless students of all ages and stages of life to feel more confident in their bodies, less consumed by their mind and anxieties. My goal is for you to cut through the noise of fear (your own or others) around birthing. To have an informed birth.

Eliminate the unknown fear around birth

the birth programme pre-sale + What's included:

Unlimited Virtual Access

Lifetime access to the birth programme for this sweet babe and future little ones. Plus access to future course updates when they go live.

Lectures + meditations

Modules and lessons to inform and educate you before birth. Meditations to break mental patterns of beliefs or fears toward the experience of birth and practice breathing techniques/visualization efforts

Journaling Pages + Printable Bonus Resources

  • Birth Baseline Thought Bubble
  • Prenatal Yoga Pose Printout
  • "Welcome Words" Brainstorm
  • Birth Plan Blueprint
  • Home Birth Check List
  • Hospital Birth Bag Check List

option to upgrade for 1:1 coaching*

For a limited time, the option may be available during your checkout experience to include 1:1 private coaching with YB Boss of Bliss, Jessica Palmer. If this option is unavailable at the time of your checkout, her books are closed.

Limited Edition, complimentary "Mom Care Kit" sent right to your door*

During our pre-sale launch, we are sharing our gratitude to the first group of those enrolled with a Mom Care Kit mailed to your home. This offer only stands for the first 20 enrolled in the course.