A perfect blend of movement. inspired by the 8-limbs of yoga.

Power. Heat. Yoga.


Beginners welcome to grow your practice

Feel Good Flows


Challenge and advance your practice

Elevate workshops


A philosophy of subtle energy meets the physical poses of yoga

Chakra Yoga Sessions

Gym meets om sweet om

Not-so-typical yoga studio.

We are a boutique yoga experience in the familiar space that is Dragon Gym Exton. Open the door on the 2nd floor and take a peek!

The yoga room is always bustling and full of energy. Never library-quiet.
We keep a light heart and open mind, always excited to meet in studio for what feels like a mini-party each class.

Like a yoga playground where you'll be inspired to embrace a yoga practice with your goals in mind, connect with our tight-knit community, and leave each small-group class with a laugh.


Get ready to grow your yoga practice

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Pricing & Packages after your 6 Week Transformation Challenge

Starter | 4 sessions/28 Days

from: $99

Starter | 4 sessions/28 Days

from: $99

Auto pay, monthly recurring, cancel anytime with written request to the studio

Maintain | 8 sessions/28 Days

from: $167

Maintain | 8 sessions/28 Days

from: $167

Auto pay, monthly recurring, cancel anytime with written request to the studio

Elevate | 12 sessions/28 Days

FROM: $197

Elevate | 12 sessions/28 Days

FROM: $197

Auto pay, monthly recurring, cancel anytime with written request to the studio

2 weeks of bite-sized morning yoga videos for our studio members

2 weeks of bite-sized morning yoga videos for our studio members

A preview of our online library, for 6 Week Transformation Yogis

"We play the long game of wellness! We encourage consistency and community to keep you dedicated to practicing yoga and to improve your wellbeing. When you join our studio, we invite you to share your goals, chat about what you want most out of your yoga practice and then we keep you accountable (by making yoga accessible, rewarding, and fresh!)."

Your hour of "me" time is so much more attainable than you know.

Meet Your Coaches In Yoga

Hi friend! I'm Jess Palmer, a scientist-turned-yogi and owner of The Yogic Body Studio.

I was introduced to yoga in 2014, while I was studying for my degree in Cell & Molecular Biology. For several years, I worked as a cancer researcher but my mind was always busy with dreams of becoming a yoga teacher.

Following a load of inspired action and manifestations, I now work every day to share the impact of holistic practices. Let me introduce you to the incredible team I walk alongside at my studio ...

Meet Jess

FAQ & Contact

What are your prices? Your schedule? Class descriptions?

Please find our prices, schedule, and class descriptions on our scheduling software at GymDesk The link is: https://theyogicbody.gymdesk.com
Here you can view the Pricing and Schedule tabs, see studio schedule updates, create an account and register for classes!

We invite students to apply via our New Student Application and can get started with our 6 Week Transformation Challenge, which has a money back guarantee following your first visit, or a membership.
Our monthly memberships are automatically renewed every 28 days and can be canceled anytime with written notice to the studio.
View all of our memberships using our scheduling software at https://theyogicbody.gymdesk.com

Are classes beginner friendly?

Yes, our classes are beginner friendly. Every instructor at The Yogic Body Studio is trained to teach to beginners (and we enjoy it!). Of course, there are classes that tend to attract yogis with several months of practice but, nonetheless, beginners are welcome to every class on the schedule. At this time, we highly recommend our Slow Flow and Chakra Session classes to start.

Where is the yoga studio located?

The Yogic Body Studio is located on the second floor of Dragon Gym, 267 S. Whitford Rd. in Exton, PA. Front desk staff are available to show you to the stairs. We are the first door on the right of the landing.

Can my friend and I share class packages?

No, all offers are provided on an individual basis, including our new student intro offer. Offers can not be shared between students.

I'm still nervous to join. Help!

Do not be nervous to join us. We know the feeling; we have all been nervous to try something new or meet a new group of people. I assure you, any doubt you are having is easily overcome-able when you step on to your mat and follow along with our supportive group of students. We are proud to say many new students have joined us for class and left saying they had never felt more comfortable trying something new! In fact, The Yogic Body was started to help women combat worry through a yoga practice. It is OUR MISSION to welcome you fully.

Do I need to register online before every class I plan to attend?

Yes, registration is required for all classes. Please register at least 2 hours in advance of class times. If you do not cancel a registration with 2 hours notice, and cannot make it to class, your classes will be used. Thank you for your understanding.

Are yoga mats available for me to use?

Yes, we have shared mats, blocks, straps, and several bolsters for you to use if you need!

Can my child join for class?

We certainly know the value of introducing our next generation to a yoga practice. We are so excited your child has an interest in yoga! All children and teenagers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult for class. Our classes are adult yoga classes. We do welcome teenagers to join class, accompanied by an adult, with the understanding that talking in studio will be kept at a minimum to ensure no disruption to practice. Thank you for understanding.

Where can I leave my belongings?

Women's and men's locker rooms are located on the first floor of Dragon Gym. The front desk staff are available to point you in the right direction. Please leave coats, shoes, and bulky bags in the locker rooms as the cubbies in the yoga room can fill quickly. Please leave your shoes at the door. You are welcome to bring your wallet, keys, and phone in to the yoga studio.

What should I expect from my first yoga class?

Please wear comfortable, stretchy, light weight clothing and bring water. If this is your first ever yoga class expect to have a beginner's mindset through class. You will breathe in ways you never tried and move in ways you didn't know you could. You might even feel stiffer than you thought. That's why we practice. During class you might find your mind wandering, we recommend coming back to counting your inhales. Don't be discouraged as you learn this practice.

267 S Whitford Rd Exton, PA